The Most Effective Method to Prepare ESE GATE and PSU Entrance Exam with Notes India

If you want to appear in the GATE and PSU Entrance test, then you are suggested to study dedicating your time to the same. However, you must read Baliyan Sir History Optional Notes, apart from comprehensive and class books.

Baliyan Sir History Optional Notes

However, GATE includes 10-11 months to prepare. Meanwhile,  a couple of candidates start early and they require 2 years separating time comparatively for the school education program and foundation for genuine tests. In this entire course of readiness, it is indispensable that the aspirant ought to hold his/her final exam and stay enlivened and devote to achieving it. However, Notes India has evolution botany optional notes in the event that you want to show up in this test.

Indeed, here are two or three suggestions by Notes India and its experts on aiding aspirants in keeping up their confidence and motivation all through the GATE or PSU Preparation stage.

Examples of success stories

Since you have characterized your unbiased, you should idealize the ones who have crossed the way viably. To sustain the motivation with which you started the GATE or PSU Preparation, you should peruse the Testimonials of the top rankers of that test. Countless them earned progress to shocking conditions and many faced comparable bottlenecks as you. Tuning in to them will offer you the belief that you can overcome the conditions and pass your exam.

Set your goals and remind yourself consistently

Indeed, when you need to keep up a comparable day-by-day practice for a year or more, there are high chances of getting involved or diverted in the middle. For example, a critical number of the aspirants get indiscreet when they start scoring incredible in the tests. It is continually advised that one should never get impacted by the consequences of school tests; rather they should be taken as markers to check your GATE or PSU Preparation level. In the meantime, reading Baliyan Sir History Commerce Optional Notes would assist you with getting an incredible score on your selection test.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Notes India notes and books and clear your entrance test.

Prepare for IAS Exam with UPSC Syllabus

Do you wish to become a government official by participating in UPSC exams? If your answer is yes, then you have reached the right place, because over here you will get to know about the tips and syllabus with some advanced IAS Study Material from Notes India. These comprehensives will surely help you crack the exam with enough score to be selected for the next round.


However, the IAS syllabus pattern for services such as Indian Revenue Service or Customs and Central Excise, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service, etc. Different stages of the IAS exam have a different syllabus to prepare.

Generally, the UPSC Prelims syllabus focuses on societal awareness and general things that are tested by MCQ questions in the exam. However, the UPSC Mains is much more comprehensive because this stage includes nine papers to clear.

So, if you are an aspirant of UPSC in order to become an IAS officer then you need to prepare with Notes India books.

Three phases examination in UPSC

Before you visit the official site to fill your application for the IAS exam, gather the information about the exam, books, NCRT for UPSC, previous year cut-off percentage, question paper pattern, and about the students who ranked top scores.

Meanwhile, the UPSC exam is conducted in three phases:

Phase 1: In order to pass UPSC exams, then let us inform you that you need to clear Civil Services or Preliminary examination which is an objective type

General Studies-Prelims Paper 1

However, it is divided into two papers; prelims 1 and 2 with subjects like current events, history, Indian polity, world geography, economics, general science, etc.

CSAT-Prelims Paper 2

  • Comprehension
  • Logical
  • Decision making
  • General mental ability
  • Basic numeracy

Phase 2: then comes the second phase, in it, you need to prepare for mains, which is a descriptive type

  • Mains consists of nine papers to give exams with optional ones.

Phase 3: once you score enough in the second phase of your examination, and pass, then you will be calling for a personal interview or personality test.

However, in case you face difficulty in preparing, then you can get UPSC Printed Notes from Notes India and score well.

IAS Examination: Eligibility, Education and Number of Attempts

The Indian Administrative Service is an important arm of the All India Services or AIS. It is considered the most important and premier civil service of India. And, the IAS is one of the mains along with the Indian Forest Service and the Indian Police Service. So, if you want to attempt this year’s IAS exam, then must prepare from Vision IAS Current Affairs.

Vision IAS Monthly Magazine

IAS Eligibility 2021 Exams

IAS eligibility 2021 is one of the first and most important questions which come up in our mind in order to participate in UPSC exams. However, if you are a citizen of the national, then there you will find a number of attempts, which are age-limited as per the educational qualification. All the aspirants of IAS exams 2021 need to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria.

Educational Qualification for IAS

Candidates must hold a graduation degree in order to appear in this exam from any university established under the act passed by the Parliament of India. However, if you are a last-year graduate and waiting for your result can also apply for IAS preliminary exam.

However, such candidates have to submit proof of passing their graduation exam at the time of applying for the main exam. And, the applications for IAS Main exam are usually released in July or August.

However, such candidates need to submit proof of passing the requisite exam at the time of applying for the Main exam. The applications for IAS Main exam are usually released in the month of July/ August.

Meanwhile, you need to prepare for this exam with Vision IAS Test Series from early after passing your college.

Number of attempts

  • If you are from the general or economically weaker section, then you can appear for this exam for 6 times.
  • Other backward classes can attempt for 9 times.
  • SC/ST and people with disabilities can check the official website.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your study with Rahul IAS Law Optional Notes and books.

UPSC 2021 Preparation with Notes India

Are you planning to appear in UPSC 2021 examination? If so, then you need to prepare for the same with UPSC Printed Notes so you can face India’s one of the toughest exams and score enough to get selected. The exam includes a variety of subjects to test the aspiring candidates’ ability, hard work, and dedication to become a part of the Indian administration. Therefore, it is important to learn every subject and strategy to answer all the questions on time so you can crack the examination in your first attempt.

IAS Study Material

UPSC Prelims 2021 Preparation Previous Year’s Notes

However, if you are thinking that what those subjects are to read and be prepared for the UPSC exam, then let us inform that it has not elaborated on the syllabus of the subjects, but you can prepare from these mentioned subject in the Prelims syllabus.

  1. History
  2. Indian Polity
  3. Indian Society
  4. Indian Economy
  5. Geography
  6. Environment
  7. General Science
  8. Current Affairs

Meanwhile, you can also prepare by reading NCRT for UPSC comprehensive books as well.

General tips for UPSC prelims exam

  • First, you should know about the UPSC previous year’s question papers. By reading them, you will get to know about the trend in questions asked in the exams.
  • Second, choose the right UPSC books. You need to list down all the books which will help you for the IAS exam.
  • Third, prepare notes for each subject and revise one again.
  • Forth, follow current affairs and boost general knowledge by reading newspapers.
  • Fifth, revise and revise so that you can understand well, how to give an exam and pass with a good score.

However, if you wish to achieve enough score so that you can rank high then, you should read the curated IAS Study Material by professionals and IAS experts.

Stages of IAS Exam in UPSC Prelims – Notes India

The IAS exam is officially announced every year by Union Public Service Commission. This is one of the most honorable exams in India. Every year thousands of students appear in the hope to pass the exam and serve as government officials. However, if you are also one of the aspirants, then you may buy IAS Study Material from the house of Notes India and prepare for the government exams.

IAS Study Material

However, IAS Prelims has three stages to clear such as;

Stage I

  • IAS Paper 1, General Studies
  • IAS Paper 2, General Studies CSAT

The questions in the Prelims generally come in multiple-choice questions.

In this exam, negative marking is marked for each incorrect answer and that is 1/3rd of the allotted marks.

The CSAT paper in the IAS exam is of qualifying nature and candidates can score 33% minimum and qualify for the next stage.

However, blind candidates are given extra 20 minutes.

Stage II

This second stage of the IAS exam, which is called the Mains, written in a descriptive way comprises 9 papers. This follows Paper-A (Compulsory Indian Language), Paper-B (English), Essay, General Studies Papers I, II, III, and IV, and other optional papers that come in the final ranking. However, to pass the first two stages, you need to prepare with UPSC Printed Notes.

Stage III

Candidates who clear the first and second stage of the IAS exam with qualifying marks can go on the final stage which is the Personality Test or Interview with the UPSC Board Members.

The candidates who qualify for the final stage or interview will be sent an e-summon by the Commission for a face-to-face discussion round and will check whether the candidate is the correct fit or not.

However, if you want to know which books need to read for UPSC? Then visit Notes India and buy NCRT for UPSC and other comprehensive books.

Prepare for UPSC with Notes India

UPSC Civil Services is the toughest and prestigious examination in India. An enormous number of aspirants to take this difficult test which is held each year. The test contains different posts like Indian Administrative Services (normally known as IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and so on


The UPSC CSE requires an ocean of information from the students who are trying to become future officials of India. There are an infinite number of organizations like coaching centers, online stages, and so forth that are occupied with giving relevant sources to these aspirants. The difficult undertaking is to pick the most reasonable source for you to get through this extreme examination.

Notes India is here to furnish you with all sources of IAS Study Material which can assist you to pave your way ahead and make your imprint by clearing all the three phases from this examination which are Preliminary, Mains, and the Interview.

Probably the most well-known assets that are required in one’s preparation includes essential books like NCERT for UPSC and significant test series to consistently check your potential in the later stages. There is an incalculable number of help books, notes, and some printed books from the renowned coaching centers accessible out there.

Notes India gives a one-stop solution for all the questions and prerequisites related to UPSC. We have the quality UPSC Printed Notes covering all the significant subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Environmental Studies, and so on These notes are accessible in both Hindi as well as English dialects.

The wide assortment of Preliminary and Mains examination notes can assist an aspirant to handle the information in lesser time. The dependable assets given by us can end up being of extraordinary use all through your UPSC venture.

Notes India IAS Books for UPSC Civil Services Exam

In this blog, today we are going to discuss the books, which are compulsory to read or prepare for your UPSC examination. However, the best IAS Study materials are needed in order to pass the Indian’s toughest exam. Every year thousands of IAS aspirants prepare for it and appear in the exam hall. The IAS exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, a part of the Indian educational system, the Government of India.

Importance of best IAS books

If you are preparing to face countries toughest exam among thousands of aspirants like you, then you need to work hard so that you can surpass the competition. And, for that, you need to choose the best IAS books out of a plethora of study material available in the online and offline market. It is very crucial that the candidate must select a book that helps you the highest.

However, the IAS toppers highly recommend Vision IAS Current Affairs along with other topmost books such as A Brief History of Modern India – Spectrum Book by Rajiv Ahir, Economy Updated Value Added Notes 2020, General Studies – Topic-wise Solved Papers (1994-2019), and others with NCERT books.

Knowledge of the subject matters

Reading these above-written books is not enough, you also need to study previous year reference books, and having precious expertise can help you crack the future examination in the hall.

And, choosing the right IAS exam book and Vision IAS Test Series online for different stages of the UPSC exam is very important. The UPSC Prelims comprises only object questions. However, the IAS Mains includes descriptive essay type question papers. So, you need to prepare for every type of question for your future endeavor.

Meanwhile, if you need professional help apart from self-studying, then you can opt for Rahul IAS Law Option and Notes India coaching.

Notes India-the Best IAS Coaching Notes Online to Clear Your 2021 Examination

Preparing for the UPSC Civil Services examination is one of the tough tasks to accomplish because it demands deep and enriches the experience in order to pass. It is an exam that aims to select the best students for a career in public services of the Union of India. However, if you are someone who likes to attend this exam in 2021, then you must begin your preparation by having IAS Coaching Notes Online.

And, passing this exam will offer you the best opportunity to provide your services to the nation.

 Aspirants, who are planning to take part in IAS examination, they naturally find themselves having too many questions in their mind and few answers. And, they usually begin to search for the best IAS material.

Some of the common questions by IAS aspirants are:

  • How do I start my IAS preparation?
  • What is the study material for IAS?
  • How many marks do I need to achieve to clear this exam?
  • Should I cover current affairs during the preparation for UPSC?
  • Where I will find IAS study material and downloadable question papers?
  • Is self-preparation can help to pass the IAS exam?
  • Will I be able to score passing marks while studying without coaching?

Well, your all questions will be answered at Notes India because it has a wider range of Ambition IAS Law Optional and other study material, which will definitely help you pass your exam—you just need to begin your preparation before 3-4 months of quality study.

Meanwhile, we also offer the best Commerce Optional Notes to you if you are ambitious enough to clear your UPSC exams. So, what are you waiting for? Start your preparation with Notes India’s notes and live your dream by scoring the appropriate marks.